Are these paid or volunteer opportunities?

      There are both paid and volunteer opportunities, depending on the organization needing help.


How are volunteers selected?

        Volunteers submit an application that is reviewed against the criteria of assignments. We will then share the contact details of volunteers who match with the organization needing support, and they will make the final selection.

Where will I work?

        Depending on the assignment and the information you provided in the application form, you may be assigned locally or remotely. You will only be presented opportunities outside of your local area if you specified that you were willing to be deployed to another location.


How long will assignments be for?

        Given the fluidity of the crisis, it’s not possible for us to provide estimates of length of assignments. However more information, including estimated duration, will be shared when you’re contacted about a specific assignment.


When will I hear if I have an assignment?

        We’re working as quickly as we can to match you with assignments that best suit you based on the information you provided.


Should I take leave from my current job?

How much time you dedicate is up to you. You’re able to specify your availability in the application form and that’s what we use to match you with potential assignments.


Who will have access to the information I share?

You information will only be shared with the team members who are matching people to assignments, and with the project managers of the assignments you’re matched with.

Government and Healthcare

How do I request resource(s)?

Complete this form, sharing as much information as you can about the challenge you’re trying to solve and the support you think you need.


How long will it take before resource is available?

We’re working as quickly as possible to match volunteers against needs. Currently we have more volunteers than assignments.


How are resources selected?

We will match you with available professionals who meet the needs you’ve described in the request form. You are then able to select from those available.


Who manages the resources?

Once you’ve selected professionals to support you, you or your organization will manage them directly.


What if I need an entire team?

We understand and we can help with that too. Provide as much information as you can in the request form so we can match the most suitable professionals to your needs.


Can you help me identify what resources I might need?

We can.